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Bulbasaur Flowerpot

Everybody needs a little Pokemon flair in their garden and this ceramic Bulbasaur flower pot is the perfect grass creature to do so. Just plant a succulent hope that one day he evolves into a beautiful Venusaur.

  • Perfect for holding succulent, herbs and cactus plants.
  • Helps the plant breath with the help of a hole at the bottom of the vase.
  • Will remain cool on most surfaces such as an office desktop, kitchen countertop, bathroom cabinet or bedroom nightstand.
  • Surprise your loved one with a creative gift idea. Great gift for any Pokemon fans.
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This Bulbasaur is not only a fierce and loyal companion, but also makes for a lovely vase. All you need is a small succulent; plant, water and slowly watch him evolve as his bulb flourish.

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