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12 Sided Fidget Cube

Comes with 12 sides, that means 12 gadgets: Spinning disk, controller buttons, gel ball, toothed gears, switch, joystick, lanyard, clicker button, fingers massage, slate, sliders and minions.

  • Stress Reducer – help you relieve stress, reduce tension and eliminate anxiety; it is also a conducive toy for ADD, ADHD and Autism children to focus attention and relax.
  • Portability – Small and lightweight enough for you to keep it in your pocket to office, to school, on the road or at home.
  • Durability – High-quality polycarbonate and eco-friendly material gurantee you a durable and pleasing using experience.
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This fidget toy helps stress relief and anxiety. Will even help some conditions such as ADD, ADHD and Autism. Comes in many colors!

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